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  1. General Guidelines

Manuscripts or manuscripts sent to the Journal of scientific economic business are original works that have not been previously published. Manuscripts that have been issued are the property of the editor and the manuscript cannot be published in any form before an agreement from the editor. As long as the manuscript or manuscript is in the process of editing, the author is not permitted to include the manuscript in another journal until there are provisions of the manuscript or manuscript received or rejected by the editor.

The manuscript must be written in Indonesian with titles, abstracts, and keywords in Indonesian while abstracts in English are in the format as contained in this writing. All incoming manuscripts or manuscripts will be edited by the editorial board (editor board / HII), Bestari Partner (MB), and technical editor (TE). The Journal of Management Inspiration and Entrepreneurship Research will send manuscripts or manuscripts to editors anonymously so that the identity of the author and editor can be kept confidential.


  1. Manuscript Preparation Instructions

The preparation of manuscripts or manuscripts consists of typing the text and writing the contents of each part of the text. The author needs to make sure the script has no typing errors, while the Manuscript format includes:

2.1. The manuscript is written in a maximum of 15 pages, fonts Times News Roman in font size 10 (except titles with font 14), spaced 1, on A4 paper size. The writing margin on the left side is 2, the right side 2, the top (page) 2 cm, and the bottom side (down up) 2 cm apart.

2.2. The page number is written in the lower right corner.

2.3. Pictures and tables are not grouped separately but are integrated with manuscripts or manuscripts.

The part of the manuscript of the research results is written in the order in detail consisting of the title section, complete data of the author, abstract (Indonesian and English), keywords/keywords (Indonesian and English). Then continue writing:





CLOSING (including conclusions, suggestions, etc.) / PENUTUP (termasuk didalamnya kesimpulan, saran, dan lain-lain)



  1. Title of publication

The title of the publication written contains the main keyword and does not use abbreviations, 12-14 words. The title has written with 14 Times New Roman fonts. In writing the title the author is allowed to write the word study/relationship/ influence in the title of the publication. Example "Market Orientation Mediated Competitive Advantage Strategy Impacts on Marketing Performance". (Study on Small and Medium Enterprises in South Kalimantan Province).


  1. Author

The full name of the author (without the title) is placed under the title. The author's order is based on the contribution of the writing process (see the Dikti writing guide on scoring system instructions for determining authorship rights along with a scientific paper).

Example: Mahdi B.M1, Rini Maimunah2, Gusti Gofur3 (if crossing High School or University as the institution).


  1. Author Data

Full name of the author along with the title and author affiliation. The correspondence address is the address of one of the authors including postal and e-mail addresses.

Example: 1. Mahdi B, M, S.E., M.M., Institute of Economic Science Pancasetia (STIE Pancasetia) Banjarmasin, Jl. Ahmad Yani Km. 5,5 RT. 08, email: The author's identity is written at the end of the page.


  1. Abstract

Abstracts are written in English and Indonesian. The number of words does not exceed 100 words. There are no quotes and abbreviations/acronyms. The abstract contains predecessor (background, problem, and purpose). Methods (design, sample, method of collection, and data analysis). As well as the results of research and conclusions. Write one and two sentences to discuss the results and conclusions. Recommendations from research results are written clearly.

Keywords. Keywords are written using English and Indonesian. It contains a maximum of seven words or phrases.


  1. Time of Issuance

Journals are published three times a year (April, Agustus and Desember