Jurnal KINDAI to accommodate scientific work in the form of literature (Review literature) and field research in the fields of Journal of scientific economic business. Every scientific work that will be published in this Journal will be reviewed first by a reviewer who is a piece of knowledge.

Human Resource Management

Financial management

marketing Management





  1. Acceptance of manuscript


  1. Complete the requirements delivery
  2. Upload manuscripts and file supporters
  3. Fill in the author's metadata script
  4. Confirm delivery


  1. Distribution of Scripts


  1. Accept the manuscript
  2. Check the completeness of the text requirements
  3. Appoint section editor

Section Editor

  1. Upload a text that has been omitted by the author's name
  2. Appoint reviewers
  3. Choose a review form that matches text category


  1. Examination of Manuscripts


  1. Agree/do not agree to review
  2. Download the script
  3. Review the script
  4. Enter the results of the review data on the review former. Upload the review results
  5. Send recommendations on the results of the review

Section Editor

  1. See data on the results of reviews and recommendations reviewer
  2. Choose an editor's decision
  3. Notifies the editor's decision to the author
  4. Upload the script that needs to be revised


  1. Download the script that needs to be revised
  2. Upload the revised script

Section Editor

  1. Upload the script for the editing phase
  2. Appoint copy editor


  1. Editing Scripts

Copy editor

  1. Download the script from the section editor
  2. Upload the original copyediting text
  3. Notify the author of the results of the initial copyedit


  1. Download the original copyedit script
  2. Upload the copyedit text of the author

Copy editor

  1. Download the manuscript copyedit
  2. Upload the final copyedit text

Section editor

  1. Choose the publishing schedule for the script
  2. Designate the layout editor

Layout editor

  1. Download the script for the edit layout
  2. Upload the layout edit script and the text in the specified galley format


  1. Publishing Journal


  1. Choose the edition to be published
  2. Archive unpublished manuscripts


  1. See the manuscript that has been published in the archive window Reader
  2. See the contents of the current edition
  3. See abstract
  4. Download full text